Saturday, September 24, 2011


Most people seldom think of or about FIREFLIES OR FRUIT FLIES and also nver together as a single topic of any discussion... But I mention them together for several reasons. FIREFLIES are otend seen in twilight(dusk) and night hours if you live in an area where LIGHT POLLUTION does not interfere with your perception of them and also with the perception of the stars in the skies. Some people, usually children, become fascinated and interested for a while in FIREFLIES& catch them to put in glass jars(rare things themselves in a world of endless plastic) so they can light up in confinement. FRUIT FLIES usually become for people, who encounter them, PESTS associated with banana peels, fruit skins or rinds,and perhaps other decaying vegetable matter exposed to the air... For the SCIENTISTS,THESE CREATURES HAVE BEEN THE SUBJECT OF MUCH STUDY....such as, so-called 'cold light' and 'genetic mutations' and still are perhaps....generations of FRUIT FLIES have been studied and traits,etc. listed and noted,etc.... The appearance of FIREFLIES can be compared somewhat to the apearance of ANGELS, seen only at certain times while FRUIT FLIES can be compared to MANKIND,which proliferates despite numerous attempts to limit their growth and to expterminate them or utilize them for 'scientific' study & experimentation..... THE DEATH OF ONE FIREFLY IS MORE OF A TRAGEDY THAN THE DEATH OF ONE FRUIT FLY!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

'DARWINISM',or what people call such, & SPECIAL CREATION,or whatever people think this means,

ACTUALLY came under its greatest examination or criticism or 'attack' through the writings of H.P.B.-MADAME BLAVATSKY and set great, still thriving trends in occultism, if not science and religion, that despite some obvious 'dating' has affected nearly everyone who has pretensions to intellect, understanding, and a search for Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


'Invasive' 'Species', so-called, are compelling proof that EVOLUTION is working in that 'LL LIFE IS A STRUGGLE' and 'THE STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE'-to maintain existence-to saty 'alive'(at least in some species other than man) along with 'SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST' whatever that really and ultimately means. It is also a reminder of the 'ME FIRST'-'I GOT HERE FIRST'-'I'M FIRST IN LINE' attitude people have who eventually become 'displaced' and relegated to 'inerior status' or some similar classification, maybe 'weed' or 'fetus'... 'ILLEGAL' aliens are compared to 'invasive' species while 'legalimmigrants are compared to 'natives' or 'citizens'! ALL LIFE FORMS ARE INVASIVE-plants invade the soil they occupy,for example. Competition for space(land) and food(minerals, water, and sun) is intense for plants and also for mankind.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


There is a distinct relationship between MAN & TREES that has been ignored by numerous 'Paul Bunyans' and others who hew down and chop up these massive 'CREATURES' that are in the larger sense, 'LIVING BEINGS' and if we compare the structure of man and the structure of most trees, and some plants,etc. we will find a great number of similarities, especially IN THE SYSTEMS they both have.. MEN CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT TREES or the Forests/Jungles and plants, NOR CAN FORESTS/TREES, PLANTS, LIFE exist without man, despite the times when man was apparently not in existence or on earth.... The evolutionary focus on MAN and his doings has taken us away from the wider perspective of human existence and led us on a merry chase...keeping our attention on mere individual and social survival(along with economic and political)and not on total biological survival..... The Doctrine of 'SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST' is one of those slogans that people can easily pervert, distort, and misapply, and have,of course, long before it was ever uttered in the early Darwinian Days, and which seems opposed to 'altruism' and more reams of paper have been used to discuss these conflicts than most of us will ever have the time or opportunity to read and discuss, and they tend always to be emotional rather than rational, or actually placed under the guise of each by those opposed to such.... Man has been described by some as a 'walking tree' and his bipedal nature has been a long and important aspect in the present Earth Environment, a fact we do not take much account of in our daily lives until we are ready for a 'wheel chair' or some similar device..... ARISTOTLE defined man as 'a featherless biped' and this reminds us that in the past some persons were made 'feathered bipeds' via the time-honored 'tarring and featherings' that used to be commonplace in certain times... At any rate, we need to look beyond our backyards, which are becoming 'treeless' and at the increase of treeless lands, made more so by power companies that utilize land lines in heavily treed areas and so forth, as they demand and frequently go ahead, the destruction of trees to insure(which may or may not work in heavy storm/hurrican/tornado areas) their wires do not go down and that will cost a lot of bucks to get power up and running for power consumptive persons who need to watch their TVs and who cannot live without refigeration or lights,etc. Aside from that the damand for fuels has hit the forests which are being turned into wood pellets and biofuels and a number of other articles for consumption, such as toilet paper to wipe asses everywhere, whether in combat or in the woods.... Mapping the receding forests, jungles,etc. of the earth and the rise in what some term as global warming it is evident to those who can look beyond their nation, their continent, and view the entire world that something needs to be done to insure there is a 'global forest' left as the rise of carbon and lowering of oxygen will become major problems eventually that perhaps cannot be reversed entirely....... In the meantime, continue your breathing exercises if you do any, as eventually your lungs will not function the way you want and need them to do......


GREAT NATURE only recognizes the 'BIOLOGICAL' when it comes to MAN and MAN'S EXISTENCE...EXISTENCE-survival of LIFE is BIOLOGICAL depending on, or maintained, by 'NATURAL' & 'SEXUAL' SELECTION(S),the 'mechanisms' of such, which are both 'simple-complex' and are yet to be fully understood(or better understood and better or fully appreciated). 'THE BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE' is the only imperative GREAT NATURE recognizes. Kant's 'categorical imperative' is an entirely other matter. This deals with ethics and morality and similar considerations bearing on certain behaviours of mankind.... All of the social, cultural, political, religious, historical and other pretensions of mankind,which constitute his 'CIVILIZATION' can and will be wiped out and destroyed by GREAT NATURE aside from man's own efforts to destroy otehr men and/or himself in the process...something 'PROPHETS OF DOOM' have suggested in the past and still discuss and attempt to gain an audience to those who seem so deaf ...and blind....when 'the writing(whether Divine or hand) is on the wall.... 'BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY' & 'REPLENTISH THE EARTH' sums up best 'THE BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE OF LIFE'-like 'publish or perish'of academia of some years back, a dictum/dictate: 'REPRODUCE OR PERISH'! The advocates of OVERPOPULATION who see such as the major problem of mankind, of government, of life,etc. will lay the blame on all this to man's tendency to reproduce or enjoy sexual relations, which are the ultimate result of 'sexual selection' a thing far removed from the sexual imagry of media and the like........ This will also mean that they will lay blame on various religions that do not advocate birth control,etc. Yet, those religons that stressed celebacy and 'ritual homosexual' rites of various kinds, ranging from beastiality to other forms, have not been seen as ways to curb 'overpopulation' but have been seen as 'evil', vile,unnatural,etc and condemned and persecuted for such.... All 'HOMOSEXUAL' relationships, whether of people or animals(this is another topic that needs to be mentioned and discussed as many are completely unaware that such exists) are essentially 'DEAD-ENDS' AND those who do not reproduce their kind or their 'race' or their 'species' do not exist in one sense -they are 'grapes withering on the vine' or 'trees that bear no fruit'! More on this another time...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The ORIGINS OF MANKIND is but one aspect of GREAT NATURE, and is often considered the apex of all SPECIES or life forms...the highest, the most intelligent, etc. with many words of description cluttering up our minds and keeping us from 'scientific' or other kinds of 'objectivity'......... Focusing on this 'problem' detracts also from the ORIGINS OF THE EARTH & THE SOLAR SYSTEM & THE COSMOS OR UNIVERSE, which most see as being related and as important topics and hardly to be separated as they usually are,especially on an academic level or reduced to a small scale of consideration..... There are two main positions about all this and these are still with mankind and perhaps will never really have one position or the other take dominance over the other.....no matter what happens or is done, unless GREAT NATURE & THE UNIVERSE RENDER MANKIND EXTINCT...as many predict and claim and perhaps even hope for....with various intensity and enthusiasm....


I have created, as some you may know, another blog, entitled THE COSMIC EGG which you can locate on my dashboard listings of other blogs created by me on various topics and subjects. THE COSMIC EGG blog is in response to a book titled, THE COSMIC CANCER by David L. Sussman, whom I recently met at a local library lecture and whose book I had earlied purchased at a bookstore in town. However, I started this blog way before I ever met him or read his book,etc. My interest in evolution, early and primitive man(cavemen as they are often called), various forms of life, all that can be grouped under NATURAL HISTORY, and numerous other subjects began early in my life when my parents took me when a baby and small child to museums,movies, animal farms, etc. and also became stronger when I began to read and utilize also a set of 'encyclopedias' known as 'THE WONDER BOOKS that my grandfather and cousin had when I lived on a farm around nine or ten. I mention all of these autobiographical bits to merely indicate a lifelong quest and interest in knowledge....among other things.....which I am now looking a bit deeper into at the age of 74,the tenth period of my life...... My readings in evolutionary and religious and philosophical/scientific works, plus the imaginative fictions that go along with these sort of things, whether in movies, comics, on radio, or in literature and books, all contributed to my 'development' and interests...in other words made impressions on me and acted as influences on me in many ways...mentally, emotionally, 'psychically',etc. and perhaps a bit physically.. When around 9 or 10 a visit to several New York Caverns and obtaining some fossils, along with my interest in rocks and minerals,etc., led me to keep an interest in these things, so that when I went to college, I took as many courses as I could in varied areas of subjects and topics and did a lot of things outside the regular curricula.... I shall not list the courses I took except when relevant in these blogs and other things that I have done except when again most relevant to the discussion here. My life has been rather boring and uneventful for others who look for a great deal of achievement,especially in worldly,everyday matters.....